Miley Cyrus Parody Tackles the Voting Suppression We Can Look Forward to This Election (And 10 Tips to Overcome It)

Internet sensation Missy Modell is at it again. The parody singer-songwriter has taken Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” and turned it into a pop-fueled commentary on voter suppression. In the video, a cheerful Modell sings about showing up to vote, only to be told she’s at the wrong polling station. She must drive across town in rush hour traffic (because Election Day is, stupidly, on a Tuesday)…and finds her polling place is closed.


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Voter suppression is a very real threat and it’s here, now. November 3rd is coming up. Are you registered? Let’s continue to stay informed and take action by VOTING Tag a friend you want to hold you accountable and share this video if you want fair voting in the USA. Some important accounts to follow: @fairfightaction @votesaveamerica @whenweallvote @jessicayellin @iamavoter @omgwtfvote Written with @scottsimonsmusic and much help from @itsthecwolf Filmed & edited: @nattywinesnyc Vocal mix/production: @mattbeilis cc: @mileycyrus

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“Throwing my hands up / They’re making it hard / But I’m gonna show up anyway / Yeah it’s voting in the U.S.A.,” she belts out.

How can you avoid a disaster like this on Election Day? Well, you could try to make a viral video about voter suppression like Modell, but since none of us is that talented, here are some more practical ways to ensure your vote gets counted.

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