Mandatory Music: Miley Cyrus Covers The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ Live From Whisky a Go Go For Save Our Stages Fest

Listen, in this house, we bow to queen Miley. We’ve loved Miley Cyrus since day one. We loved her when she was Hannah Montana (not in a weird way, don’t be creepy), we loved her when she was coming into her own as an artist (and as a human being), and we especially love her now. Miley seems to have really found her groove lately and we are here for it.

Take, for example, this recent performance from the former child star/current rock star. Miley took the stage of Los Angeles’ Whisky a Go Go to perform a cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries.

We know, right? Miley Cyrus has always been talented. Of this, there can be no doubt. But, like most child stars, she was pigeonholed into an image that a conglomerate told her to portray. Then, when she got older and realized it was bullshit, she rebelled a little bit. Now, she’s older, she’s wiser and she’s just so. fucking. good. This performance is proof of that (not that we needed any more proof). But it’s not just her talent level that is off the charts — it’s her character too.

Cyrus has been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights, Black Lives Matter, and more. She has been outspoken when it comes to Donald Trump’s presidency and she’s not afraid to look at herself in the mirror either. More than anything, though, Miley supports the arts of which she is a part. Hence the performance at Whisky a Go Go, which was a part of a three-day virtual benefit festival to support local independent music.

Per their website: “Save Our Stages Fest is a three-day virtual benefit festival with artists and organizations rallying to the aid of independent music venues at risk of closing their doors permanently. Featuring original performances and commentary from diverse talent across genres and shot live at iconic indie stages, #SOSFest aims to preserve our nation’s independent live music venues.”

Save Our Stages was put on by the National Independent Venue Association to help raise money for indie rock clubs, such as the aforementioned Whisky a Go Go, which is where so many artists first learn to cut their teeth and melt some faces. Cyrus was just one of the performers during the festival, but it was her performance that really got people talking. And after watching the video, you’ll understand why. Cyrus also performed a cover of “Boys Don’t Cry,” putting off serious Stevie Nicks vibes, followed by her own “Midnight Sky.”

We’re not sure how long it will be until Miley Cyrus releases an all-rock album, but the minute it hits, we’re gonna rise like zombies to snatch it up.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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