Sex Workers Sell Nudes to Benefit Black Lives Matter, Cue Moral Confusion

There are a lot of ways Americans are raising money for Black Lives Matter, like selling art or holding bake sales. But exchanging nudes for donations is a new one, and it has us all morally flustered.

On the one hand, you have well-intentioned sex workers offering fans “content incentives” (read: pornographic pics or cam shows) if they send proof of a donation to BLM. On the other hand, these sex workers will net some new subscribers (and their funds) from these kinds of tit-for-tat offers, meaning that ultimately, they’re benefitting off the deaths of black men like George Floyd.

“I see this as a time to take inventory of what I have to contribute to this crucial uprising, and support Black liberation and police abolition in as many ways as I can,” sex worker Siouxsie Q. James, who has no qualms about this NSFW form of fundraising, told Mel Magazine. “For me, that means using my platform, my body, my connections, my access and my assets as weapons for the revolution — just like so many women and sex workers have done before me.”

Other activists state that sex is simply an effective way to draw attention to causes that might otherwise be ignored by the masses. Remember “The Naked Philanthropist”? She raised over $1 million for Australian bush fire relief through nudes. (The pun writes itself, people.)

Here’s our hot take: it’s kind of sad that one oppressed group (women) has to leverage their sexuality so those in power (white males) give AF about another oppressed group (black people). Like, how about you donate to BLM because it’s the just, humane, and compassionate thing to do? Why do you need a nude as a consolation prize for parting with your money? You’re no better than dudes who donate only if they can see their own names plastered on donor walls. The true measure of generosity is that you do it – without a reward – because it’s the right thing to do.

Cover Photo: vadimguzhva (Getty Images)

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