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Mark Wahlberg Keeps ‘Boogie Nights’ Prosthetic Penis in Special Place, Go Ahead Take a Guess

Mark Wahlberg has a big dick. And he keeps it in a very special place. But trust us, it’s not what it sounds like.

While making the rounds to promote his new flick Father Stu (the story of a boxer turned priest), Wahlberg answered the big question of whatever happened to the long, lost prosthetic penis that he famously wore in Boogie Nights. Because when promoting a movie about faith nothing makes us think of the Big Guy quite like, um, the big guy.

During a recent visit to The Ellen Degeneres Show, the host Dirk Digglered for some answers when she asked, “Is it true that you still have the prosthetic you wore in Boogie Nights?”

When pressed for the truth, Wahlberg was more than happy to whip it out. According to him, yes, he still wields the mighty set-piece. But he doesn’t use it as a paperweight or a talking stick during family meetings.

“It’s in a safe locked away,” he clarified before adding, “It’s not something I could leave out. All of a sudden my kids are looking for a spare phone charger and pull that thing out and go, ‘What the heck is this?!’ It wouldn’t be a good look.”

Although he admitted that his oldest daughter finally watched Boogie Nights in its entirety, she has yet to have “the talk” with her old man about it. (That’ll be a fun Christmas.)

In the meantime, Wahlberg plans on producing more faith-based films before his early retirement from the biz. (Unlike the exact location of his prosthetic penis, his love of Jesus is no secret.) And as his catholicity takes the reigns, we can only imagine what glorious collection of props will soon end up in that safe. After all, no one has BDE like the Lord.

Cover Photo: New Line Cinema


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