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Amy Schumer Tells Story of Son’s Conception at Netflix Is a Joke, Internet Can’t Decide If It’s Funny or Not

Conception stories are notoriously cringey. No one really wants to hear how any human being was created – not even the person at the center of the story. But if a comedian decides to share how they bumped uglies and procreated one night…well, OK, we’ll listen. Like when Amy Schumer decided to tell her son Gene’s conception story, which she crafted solely from Oscar-nominated film references.

“My husband was going down on me, or as he calls it, Squid Game. So, he’s in my Nightmare Alley. My House of Gucci. And I say C’mon C’mon, you know?” she joked. “He goes tick, tick … Boom! He Belfast. I say, ‘Get off my Dune,’ and that’s how our son was born.”

The Oscars wouldn’t let her tell it during her Academy Awards hosting gig this year. But Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival did.

You have to admit, the premise was clever. But the internet was divided on whether or not the joke was actually funny.

“Where’s Will Smith when you need him smh,” one critic complained.

“Amy Schumer makes a good case for why women should be oppressed,” another (misogynist) stated.

Others saw the humor in the wordplay, and applauded the seasoned stand-up for it.

“Amy Schumer is the comedic genius of her generation,” a supporter opined.

“don’t get why people hate her so much, this is genuinely hilarious,” another said.

What do you think, Mandatory readers? Are you laughing with Amy Schumer or at her?

Cover Photo: YouTube