Ranked! Mike Myers’ Greatest Roles (Just in Time For Netflix’s ‘The Pentaverate’)

Photo: Netflix

Mike Myers is one of the best comedic character actors of all time. Even before he took the movie world by storm, he was making our sides split playing characters on Saturday Night Live like the hyperactive and hypoglycemic Phillip the Hyper Hypo, Coffee Talk host Linda Richman, Sprockets host Dieter, and Simon, a young boy who hosted a TV show in a bathtub for some reason.

He’s gone on to have an epic movie career but is returning to TV (in streaming form) with his new show The Pentaverate on Netflix. In honor of the new television series in which Myers plays multiple, over-the-top characters, we thought it was only right to list and rank some of our favorite Mike Myers movie roles. Keep scrolling to see them all.