Influencer Dog Loses His Mind Seeing Himself on TV, Put All Influencers and Their Protein Shakes to Shame

Dogs, man. There is truly nothing like a good one. Never has this been more evident than in the case of Bronn the Labradoodle. Like many a dog before him, Bronn became an internet sensation for being cute with a baby after his owner recorded the interactions of the dog and his boy for all to see and “aww” over.

The video went viral — because dogs, duh — and suddenly Bronn was an overnight influencer. The local news caught wind and featured it on one of their nightly broadcast. As it happens, Bronn’s keeper, Angela Labat, was able to record the good boy as he watched himself on TV and started jumping and barking at himself. As all of our hearts collectively melted, we wondered why most social media influencers couldn’t be more likable.

Stay tuned for more on Bronn, who should be repping his own line of protein shakes any day now.

Cover Photo: Storyful

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