Eminem Confronts Intruder in His Detroit Home, Apparently Much Less Intimidating in His Jammies

When Matthew David Hughes (total serial killer name, BTW) was standing outside of the palatial residence of Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers), he probably only had one thought going through his mind: “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you want it; you better never let it go. You’ve only got one shot; do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

And with that, the 26-year-old made his move and broke into Eminem’s house. Somehow, Hughes was able to slip past Slim’s security (which should be an issue in and of itself) and took a rock to the rap god’s kitchen window. He then slipped in the window and made his way to Eminem’s living room. According to reports, Hughes wasn’t looking to steal anything — he just wanted some face time with his idol, like the Stan that he is.

A representative for Em stated that the multi-platinum, award-winning rapper actually detained Hughes in his living room until police were able to show up. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that scenario. Since Eminem wears sweatpants and tank tops to work, we can only imagine what his nightwear consisted of. Footie pajamas? An extra-long nightshirt? The world may never know for sure, but Hughes sure found out, which almost makes the home invasion and malicious destruction of a building charges that were filed against him worth it.

Luckily, his arrest was the best result of this home invasion, because if his feud with Machine Gun Kelly is any indication, ‘Nem is more than capable of delivering a “Killshot” when necessary.

Cover Photo: Macombe CSO (Getty Images)

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