Meanwhile in Florida: Judge Orders Attorneys to Wear Clothes During Zoom Court Hearings, Despite Objections

It’s happened to the best of us. In this current age of social distancing, many are burdened with the task of performing their jobs remotely via Zoom, Skype, or AOL Instant Messenger (OK, maybe not that last one). While working from home, some professionals have opted for the “less is more” approach to their formal attire, prompting one Florida judge to pen a letter discussing his, well, disgust.

“It is remarkable how many ATTORNEYS appear inappropriately on camera,” Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey wrote in a letter published by the Weston Bar Association. “One male lawyer appeared shirtless and one female attorney appeared still in bed, still under the covers.” Bailey warned that “putting on a beach cover-up won’t cover up you’re poolside in a bathing suit.”

Yes, in a move that should only surprise people who aren’t paying attention, many Florida attorneys are conducting their hearings sans clothing. While this might be the norm for those who have been displaced from their physical workplace, Judge Bailey wants it to be known that clothing is not optional when it comes to his courtroom, even if it’s a virtual one.

Leave it to Florida to find the loophole of the Venn diagram between “professionalism” and “passing out on the beach.”

Cover Photo: lolostock (Getty Images)

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