Meanwhile in Florida: Teacher Arrested for Selling Drugs to Students, At Least She Didn’t Sleep With Them

We’ve all heard the stories of teachers who end up sleeping with their students. It’s become a super icky cliche. (Where were these teachers when we were in school? Our teachers, God bless them, were more like frumpy aunts than sex-crazed teenagers themselves.) That’s why we have a little bit of respect for teachers like Marina Deetz, who chose not to sleep with her students; she just sold them drugs.

After the accidental-overdose of an 18-year-old, officials conducted an investigation that led them to Deetz, a 20-year-old elementary school teacher. According to reports, officers approached Deetz after a 17-year-old boy told them that she had given them cocaine and fentanyl in exchange for $50. This checks out, because have you seen how much teachers get paid? A lot of them need a side-hustle; it’s just that usually the side gig doesn’t involve selling drugs to minors. To her credit, Deetz did say she gave cocaine to the two young men, but denied giving them fentanyl, which is what the 18-year-old OD’d on.

Deetz was arrested, but has yet to be charged in the death of the 18-year-old. We know teachers’ salaries don’t pay much, but if Deetz needed more money, she should have just been a grown-up and sold dietary supplements or Mary Kay products like the rest of her kind. Speaking of Mary Kay, at least Deetz didn’t pull a Mary Kay Letourneau. For that, we salute her. 

Cover Photo: The New York Post

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