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The 10 Best Side Hustles For Unemployed Post-College Rookies

Photo: Grosescu Alberto Mihai (Getty Images)

As we stated when discussing how to use your first unemployed summer wisely, side hustles are a big part of not only supplementing your survival, but necessary for the younger generations to make enough to buy houses and do grown-up things your parents did for pennies. Side work can also become a chief source of happiness — typically part-time work in either a niche market (like fermenting your own grapes) or something that affords small side pleasures doing something you love (like walking dogs, 15 at a time).

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Have a look at some of the hottest side hustles if you’re either unemployed or barely scraping by. If you just want to do something other than what you’ve been doing without going through the fun of unemployment, that works, too. Just don’t start a blog.

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