‘Office Space’ Turns 20 Years Old And Still Inspires Us To Rebel

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Office Space brought us flair, TPS reports, Milton’s red stapler, and the legendary scene of cathartic bonding as coworkers destroyed the worthless office printer while we all understood the impulse. The comedy tied together the universal frustration of being underpaid, dissatisfied, frustrated, and undermined in a miserable setting and ultimately made fans cheer when the key characters rebelled against corporate.

Mike Judge’s satirical look at the occupational crises felt by a group of friends at a ’90s software company may have flopped at the box office, but over time fans turned it into a cult classic. Even now, Office Space is considered one of the most relatable workplace comedies ever, helping those who have ever fantasized about setting a building on fire to laugh it off instead. More than that, though, the movie has given many people the confidence to seek out something better for themselves than the mundane.

The movie captured the dismal, cubicle office life of the late ’90s. Many of us could relate to the muted colors, lack of privacy, the company-above-all-else mentality pounded into our brains as management complained about inane issues. It’s not easy working in the same box five days a week, performing tasks for a job that doesn’t really mean anything to you. Judge captured all of those emotions, with Ron Livingston leading the charge as the everyman character who hated his job but was resigned to be there.

While some audiences view Office Space as a workplace comedy, Livingston feels the main message of the film is that you have to “give yourself permission to do the things that make you happy even if it’s going to disappoint your employer.” For two decades, fans have shared stories with Judge and the actors about how the movie inspired them to remove themselves from unpleasant conditions to seek out more enjoyable, fulfilling work. For the most part, there have been zero regrets.

Office Space is currently available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. For now, relive Judge’s comedy classic through a series of memorable gifs below.

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