Meanwhile in Florida: Police Arrest 8-Year-Old Boy for Behavioral Issues, Since Adults in Florida Are Doing So Well

If there could ever be a silver lining to the absolutely atrocious murders that have been occurring for decades (and are only being noticed now because we’re able to record them), it’s that more and more police officers are being called out on their inappropriate, unprofessional and, in many cases, downright criminal actions. To be fair, not all police officers are “bad.” It’s just, like, a lot of them are. Especially in Florida.

Such was the case recently, when a video from a 2018 incident involving police arresting a special needs student made its way online. Body camera footage was released by attorney Benjamin Crump on Twitter, and it showed a Florida police officer arresting a little boy at his school — even going so far as to handcuff him, though the handcuffs didn’t stay on because his wrists were too small. Because he’s a fucking kid.

Mr. Crump, whose services were retained by the little boy’s mother, Bianca N. Digennaro, stated that the boy was a special needs student who had a personalized education plan due to his disability.

“Instead of honoring and fulfilling that plan, the school placed him with a substitute teacher who had no awareness or concern about his needs and who escalated the situation by using her hands to forcibly move him,” Crump said in a written statement. “When he acted out, the teacher called the police, who threatened him with jail and tried to put him in handcuffs, which fell off because he was too little.”

Teachers, even substitute teachers, are trained on how to interact with special needs students, so there is no excuse for how the teacher handled the situation. There is even less of an excuse for how the officer proceeded.

After attempting to handcuff the boy, the officer can be heard saying “I hate that you had to put me into this position to do this. The thing about it is, you made a mistake. Now it’s time for you to learn about it and to grow from it, not repeat the same mistake again.”

So the officer is blaming this special needs student for the ineptness of both himself and the teacher. He is gaslighting the boy before he even knows how to drive. And then we wonder how criminals become criminals. In many cases, it’s because they are literally treated like criminals before they even have a chance to become anything different. This situation is inexcusable and we hope, for the boy’s sake and for the sake of future children who are battling a system before they even know they’re in a fight, we hope that he is able to rise above the inherent prejudices and ignorance that he is forced to endure.

Cover Photo: Benjamin Crump Twitter

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