Meanwhile in Florida: Police Apprehend Kangaroo Peacefully Hopping Through Town

Now, more than ever, tensions are high among police and civilians. That’s why, when a kangaroo was caught just hoppin’ around a Florida town, most of us were quick to take the side of the marsupial.

Police officers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were recently hopping mad because reports came flooding in that a kangaroo was gallivanting around town. Police were called to the area before the marsupial could bounce, and they were able to apprehend it without further incident. Video of the “arrest” shows officers placing ‘roo in a squad car, because what else would they do with it? Nobody quite knows how the kangaroo actually managed to end up in the area, but it was “escorted” to the South Florida Wildlife Center, whereupon the saddest picture to have ever been taken was shot. The photo shows Mr. Roo clinging to the steel cell bars, demanding their phone call. It cannot be confirmed if the accused called Pooh or Tigger to post bail.

Cover Photo: Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP

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