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Meanwhile in Florida: Watch Police Pull Pizza Hut Delivery Driver From Sinking Vehicle, But Are the Pies OK?

Who knew delivering pizzas was such a dangerous endeavor? A Pizza Hut delivery driver was recently saved from drowning inside her vehicle after she got swept in a flash flood in Port Orange, Florida.

Police waded into neck-deep water and had to smash the submerged car’s windows to save the woman from death. Body cam footage shows the heroic actions of the three officers involved.

Snippets of conversation – and screams – can be heard on the video:

“Is somebody in there?”


“The doors are locked. I can’t get them open.”

“Watch your head. Can you start climbing out the back?”


“Watch out!”

“Can you come out the back? Come out the back! Come on! Come out! Come on!”

“I got her. I got her.”

“Ma’am, are you OK?”


“All right. I’m going to roll you on your side, OK?”

It’s a heart-pounding rescue, and we’re so glad the driver and the cops all emerged from it OK.

But we have to ask: what happened to the pies?

Cover Photo: YouTube



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