Minnesota Police Using Drones to Catch Topless Sunbathers, Things Finally Sounding Back to Normal

Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images) 

For most of us, this is the strangest summer of our lives. With the impending threat of COVID-19 looming, we’re spending it social distancing, wearing masks, and not enjoying the usual summer activities. We’ve canceled our family vacation, get our groceries delivered, and spend way more time with our families than is healthy for anyone. But, some of us are still able to get some time in the sun at the beach. That’s all well and good, unless you’re a woman and you enjoy topless sunbathing. In that case, you might have a police drone hovering above you.

This is the case in Minnesota. The “land of 1,000 lakes” is home to quite a few secluded beaches and one police department is making it their goal to stop you from baking in the sun sans bikini top. Not only is barring bare breasts a priority, but the police have even utilized drones to enforce it.

The Golden Valley Police Department is working with the Minneapolis Parks Police to stop the obviously really important scourge of nude and topless sunbathers. In the midst of a pandemic, this is obviously the most important use of public funds.

Well, according to UPI, it is important as there have been “numerous complaints” of scantily (or not at all) clad sunbathers at Twin Lake. So, in an effort to hold the birthday suit-wearing beachgoers accountable for their terrible actions, the police department’s only course of action was to creepily fly drones around looking for bare bodies.

Apparently, there’s a vote in August to make topless sunbathing illegal. Let’s hope it passes if only to give to stop the police from having to worry so much about public nudity.

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