Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Crew Catches 442-Pound Marlin, Likely After Hearing ‘Finding Nemo’ Was Bigger Than ‘Space Jam’

Well, if you’re going to be in the limelight already, you may as well catch a humongous trophy fish while all eyes are on you.

That’s exactly what happened when Michael Jordan (of The Last Dance fame, also he played basketball) entered the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in North Carolina recently. During the tournament, Jordan was able to catch a whopping 442.3-pound marlin and reeled him onto his boat, the Catch-23 (fucking awesome boat name, BTW). While Jordan’s fish wasn’t the biggest of the tournament (he actually took fifth place), this was just another example of Jordan proving his dominance in all things sports. We didn’t even know the guy liked fishing. But then, we figured he probably held a grudge against all fish once Finding Nemo became a bigger box office hit than Space Jam was.

Cover Photo: Amber Joseph Twitter

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