Wisconsin Lawyer Arrested After Spitting in Black Teen’s Face at Protest, Expected to Represent Her Own Shitty Self

Somebody better call a lawyer. If the current political movements making their way across the world have done anything, they’ve exposed just how shitty a lot of public figures are, at the very least. Whether it’s celebrities being dropped from TV shows for racist or sexist comments, football stars proving they should stick to dribbling or, in this case, catching balls (thanks for the thought, Nancy Grace), or, thankfully, police officers being fired and charged with actual crimes, the wheat has definitely been separated from the chaff in terms of who are good humans and who are bad ones.

Stephanie Rapkin is, allegedly, a bad one. According to a report from People, 64-year-old Rapkin, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, made her presence known at a peaceful protest in her hometown. Peace was the last thing on her mind, however, as the woman parked her car across the road in which protesters were marching, blocking the march and causing a disturbance. After parking her car, Rapkin approached the protesters and was recorded spitting on a 17-year-old protester who helped organize the march. Police were informed and Rapkin was arrested.

Oh, we should mention that Rapkin is a lawyer. And also, this wasn’t the only time she would be arrested that weekend. Though not initially taken into custody after the first incident, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Rapkin must have been desperate for jail time because she was arrested again the following day after a group of protestors gathered at her home to, well, protest. Instead of just hiding in her house and taking her verbal lashings like she should have done, Rapkin came outside of her home to confront the group, and she ended up reportedly pushing a college student. When police were called to this scene, Rapkin allegedly became “physically resistive” with officers, even kneeing one of them in the groin before finally getting handcuffed and taken to jail.

The good news is, she could represent herself in court if she wanted to. The bad news is, she’ll probably have to because everybody else thinks she’s an asshole.

Cover Photo: Milwaukee Sheriff’s Office

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