I Won’t Be Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger Leaves Gym Over No Face Mask Policy

Gyms are reopening across the country after three months of coronavirus shutdown, exciting meatheads and cardio addicts alike. You’d think celebrities wouldn’t give AF about this because surely they can work out in their own home gyms, but you’d be wrong. Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger was among exercise enthusiasts eager to get back in the gym – but not for long. The Governator showed up at Gold’s Gym in Venice on Tuesday to film a social media video but left after learning that the facility doesn’t require gym-goers to wear face masks.

Though Gold’s Gym has been taking some coronavirus prevention precautions, like checking members’ temperatures, limiting capacity to 50 percent, and frequently sanitizing machines, that wasn’t enough for Arnie. We can’t say we blame him; at age 72, he is in the high-risk category. Also, if anyone knows how much sweat and spittle are excreted when dumbbells pump iron, it’s the bodybuilder formerly known as the Austrian Oak. After all, the only thing anyone should walk out of the gym with are mirror muscles, not a potentially fatal case of COVID-19.

Cover Photo: Isabel Infantes – PA Images / Contributor (Getty Images)

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