Meanwhile in Florida: Woman Posing As Filthy Bunny Delivers Spiked Easter Eggs, Toilet Paper and Nudes

Among the things that the coronavirus has indefinitely suspended or outright canceled, Easter is, perhaps, the saddest for a number of Americans. The Christian holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ but many secular folk celebrate by hiding eggs in plain sight and giving children baskets full of candy (because America). But, much to the chagrin of Easter lovers everywhere, this holiday and its mascot have been put on hold. Luckily, one Florida woman has taken it upon herself to deliver treats to all the good boys and girls in Flagler County. The only problem is, her treats may not be, um, appropriate for younger audiences.

Abril Cestoni, a Flagler County resident, has been apprehended by police after delivering Easter eggs to various community members. The eggs in question contained a powdered drink mix, a sheet of toilet paper, and a nude photo of Cestoni. While we admire the selflessness of Cestoni and her desire to keep traditions alive, we just can’t condone sending illicit photos to households that children may inhabit. Residents told police they were afraid that the eggs were used to spread COVID-19, because they don’t know how science works, and police were able to track down Cestoni after receiving a description of the car she was driving. While she has yet to be formally charged, we trust that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the actual Easter Bunny had some stern words for Ms. Cestoni.

Cover Photo: Fred de Noyelle/Godong (Getty Images)

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