Annual ‘Aspic Invitational’ Competition Encourages Jell-O Creativity (See the Stomach-Churning Entries Here)

We can’t say we’re huge fans of Jell-O. We’ll indulge from time to time if our stomach is feeling off or if there’s literally no other dessert option on the table. But there’s a contingent of people out there for whom Jell-O is not only the ultimate edible splurge, it’s also a form of creative expression.

These are the same people who call all gelatinous edibles aspic, a name that makes our stomachs churn without even having to sample it. Perhaps the biggest aspic fanatic on the internet is Susie Hamilton, who hosts an annual Aspic Invitational competition that encourages gelatin fans to make the most outrageous jiggly concoctions.

Photo: Susie Hamilton

The competition began as an offshoot of a holiday party that Hamilton and her husband hosted at their Windcrest, Texas, home. As admirers of all things vintage, they asked their guests to bring a Jell-O themed dish, and it ended up being the highlight of the event.

One of the more memorable offerings was from Hamilton’s sister Morena Hockley. As the wife of an orthodontist, Hockley thought it would be funny to incorporate a bunch of fake teeth in her unflavored Jell-O mold.

Photo: Morena Hockley

The pandemic put a hold on the festivities temporarily, but when it returned this year, there were more entrants than there was table space.

“Almost all were edible!” Hamilton bragged of the entries.

We’ll have to take her word on that, because none of the Jell-O creations look particularly tempting – and we hear one of them consisted entirely of barbecue sauce.

Go on with your Jell-O-loving selves; just don’t expect us to partake.

Cover Photo: Susie Hamilton