Meanwhile in Massachusetts: Bar Willfully Accepts Monopoly Money, So This Is How Life Works Now

Photo: mattjeacock (Getty Images)

There’s a reason people make jokes about Monopoly money when referencing bad counterfeit bills. The pastel-colored “money” that’s used in the classic board game doesn’t remotely resemble real money. But that’s the point. It’s supposed to be fun money to purchase railroads, power companies, and (hopefully) Boardwalk and other fancy properties in an effort to upstage and embarrass your family. It’s not meant to be used as real currency. That would be absolutely crazy. But that’s exactly what happened recently at a Massachusetts bar.

Last Wednesday, for two hours, Ralph’s Tavern in Worcester, Massachusetts agreed to accept Monopoly money for drinks and food. Between 4 and 6 p.m., board game fans could pay $5 (in Monopoly money) as a cover charge to get in and then spend $10 for a hot dog, $20 for a non-alcoholic Jell-o shot, and $50 to enter a raffle to get some bar swag.

Honestly, since you couldn’t use the faux currency to purchase alcohol, we can’t think of a smarter, more fun gimmick to get people to visit your bar. Hot dogs don’t cost much so the fact that you’re pretty much giving them away for free is no big deal if patrons are spending real money on cocktails and draft beers.

There’s no news about how the event went, but we can only assume they’ll find some way to extend the deals to include Sorry pieces, Boggle letters, and those little cars from The Game of Life for future happy hours.