Meanwhile in Atlantic City: A Rotating Carousel Bar, What Could Go Wrong?

Photo: Sosh Architects

If we’ve learned one thing in our years of drinking beer, cocktails, wine, and all manner of strange, over-the-top shots, it’s that having a little too much to drink can (at the very least) make you a little dizzy. After a too many wobbly pops, we need a nice solid wall, doorway, or friend to lean on. What we definitely don’t need is to be on a rotating carousel bar. That’s the makings of a bad evening even if we haven’t had too much to drink.

Well, the folks at Bally’s Atlantic City definitely don’t agree with our distaste for rotating bars and restaurants because they are primed to open one that they refer to as “the only 360-degree rotating bar” in the state.

While there’s probably a reason why this is the only rotating restaurant in New Jersey, it’s not the first ever rotating, potentially nausea-inducing restaurant in the US. There’s the well-known Carousel Bar in New Orleans, the restaurant on top of Seattle’s Space Needle, and the restaurant on top of The Galt House Hotel in Louisville to name a few.

Apparently, the rotating bar is an elevated 24-seat bar that allows for “360-degree views of the casino and adjacent areas” because that’s exactly what you want to look at when your motion sickness kicks in. We’ll stick to non-rotating restaurants.