Robot-Powered Burger Machines, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Photo: RoboBurger

For most of our lives if we wanted a grilled cheeseburger either we had to buy all the ingredients, toss the patty on a grill, and make the burger ourselves. Either that or stop by a fast food restaurant or bar and grill. But now, in another example of the impending robot apocalypse, you can now get a hamburger grilled and served to you by a robot chef.

It’s aptly named RoboBurger and it touts itself as the world’s first totally autonomous robot burger chef in an easy to use vending machine shell. And, unlike some of the other unique hot food-making robots, you don’t have to travel to another country to enjoy this juicy, grilled, cheesy burger. That’s because the first RoboBurger vending machine (hopefully there will be more soon) just opened for business on March 25 at the Simon Mall at Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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You might be assuming that a robot-manufactured burger would be a frozen, microwaved nightmare. Well, you’d be wrong. This epic machine uses a five-step process that’s similar to the one chefs and cooks use in bars, pubs, and grills. First the robot chef grilled the burger patty, then toasts the bun, adds condiments, and assembles everything together. All this in less than six minutes for the surprisingly low price of $6.99.

Even with this robot machine just launching, the brand already has plans to expand to different malls, military bases, colleges, and even a tech company in Seattle. If you don’t live near New Jersey, keep your eyes peeled because a tasty, robot-made burger will likely be coming to your hometown soon.