Meanwhile in Germany: Tetris Bar Lets You Play Games 14 Stories Off Ground (What Could Go Wrong?)

Somebody didn’t think this through. We’re talking about a new bar in Germany, which is Tetris-themed…and situated 14 stories off the ground.

Located on a rooftop in Braunschweig, the venue lets guests play Tetris – among various iconic arcade games – on the side of a tall building. It appears to use massive lights either inside the building or projected on the glass to substitute for a video screen.

We don’t know much more about this odd destination (though we do have a lot of questions, like: How do you negotiate whose turn it is? Don’t the neighbors complain? What if a drunk dude falls to his death while trying to watch the game from the roof? Etc.) but we will definitely add this hot spot to our itinerary the next time we plan a trip to Germany.

Cover Photo: YouTube