‘Monopoly’ Is Finally Releasing A ‘Cheaters Edition’ For All Of Us That Hate To Play Fair

Photo: Fox

If you don’t want a Monopoly game to go on for six hours, chances are that either you or another player has cheated. There’s also a chance that because of that someone found out and a fight occurred. And now you don’t speak to your mother. Well, even if that’s the case, Monopoly is still releasing a Monopoly Cheaters Special Edition game.

Photo: Hasbro

It only took over 100 years but Hasbro is finally releasing a game that caters to all of the dirty players out there. This edition allows you to cheat as much as you can to win the whole damn game. What are some of the things you can do in this game? Check it out:

Stealing money from the bank.

Giving someone less money than you owe them.

Collecting rent for someone else’s property.

Removing a hotel from someone else’s property.

Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass go.

Photo: Hasbro

But of course there’s more! Here’s what the Senior Vice President of Hasbro gaming Jonathan Berkowitz had to say about this edition:

“A recent study conducted by Hasbro revealed that nearly half of game players attempt to cheat during Monopoly games, so in 2018, we decided it was time to give fans what they’ve been craving all along – a Monopoly game that actually encourages cheating.”

This cheaters edition also comes with actual handcuffs (kinky) that will be used if you end up in jail. There’s also 15 Cheaters Cards that will encourage players to be complete a-holes to each other. Players get rewarded or punished depending on whether they complete the task or not.

Berkowitz also added this:

“For the first time in Monopoly history, there is no designated Banker. Players are in control of the Bank on their turn and pass it to the next player when their turn is over, making it easier to pull off ‘cheats’ such as the Bank Heist.”

It’s about time Monopoly releases this type of edition. And it’s about time Hasbro encourages us to be the awful people we truly are. Hey, anything to win.

But while this game sounds awesome, I’m also reminded of some board games that aren’t. Check them out below!

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