New Survey Reveals Monopoly Is The Most Likely Board Game To Cause You To Hate Your Family

Photo: Michal Jonik / EyeEm (Getty)

OK, so maybe “hate” is a strong word to use. Actually, no it’s not, I hate my family when I play Monopoly.

Board games are making a comeback, people, so instead of ignoring your family while burying your face into your phone and wondering why your crush has time to like photos of puppies on Instagram but doesn’t have time to reply to your text, you should gather your family and pals and play a board game. Just be aware that there are some board games that can break families apart.

board was able to survey 1,000 Americans in order to find out some some pretty crazy stats about the board game lifestyle. And here’s what they found out. Let’s start off with what games are most like to cause a big old fight.

pissed off1


As you can tell almost half of the number of people believe Monopoly are the most likely board game to cause a fight between their loved ones, followed by…Scrabble for some reason. Although, 43% of people say those fights are usually with friends, because screw friendships, I want my $200 when I pass GO!

And also know that Monopoly is most likely to cause people to have hurt feelings and probably question if they truly love their significant other.


And if you’re wondering what the most common reason for these fights are take a look at the findings below.

pissed off3


More than 70% agree that arguing about the rules is what starts most fights, followed by cheating, obviously. And what game are you most likely playing if a fight starts for one player taking too long to make a move? Cards against Humanity.

So in conclusion, if you’re going to play a board game, especially if it’s Monopoly, just be prepared that you may never talk to your friend again. Also be prepared for a game that takes more than eight hours to complete.

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