Board Games

The Best Nostalgic Games To Play With A Drink In Your Hand

Photo: BraunS (Getty Images)

One of the big bummers of adulthood is that we don’t have time to play board games very often. Dedicating an entire Saturday to epic games like Monopoly or Life just isn’t feasible anymore. We have things to do and bills to pay. But, if we manage to find a few moments in between watching Netflix and preparing our morning avocado toast, we should all take some time to play a board game.

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If you’re anything like us, you probably had a favorite board game when you were a child. Take it out storage, grab it from your parent’s house, or buy it online, invite some friends over and play. Plus, since you’re an adult you can drink while you slowly move those memory-inducing pieces around the board. And we all know booze makes everything more fun.

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