Spend Your Thanksgiving Playing Fat Jewish’s BABE Bingo Drinking Game (Instead of Listening to Your Relatives Talk Politics)

You might know Josh Ostrovsky by his social media handle The Fat Jewish. The influencer is well known for his strange content and memes galore, but he also founded his own wine brand called BABE Wine. It’s perfect for a drinking game called BABE Bingo, designed to make fun of your family’s eccentricities and strange attire choices. But, instead of playing it in a church basement full of octogenarians, you can play it at your family’s Thanksgiving get-together while you get drunk and you stuff your face.

The game itself is fairly easy. You get points for random acts, like secretly undoing the top button of your pants, or if someone brings a tasteless vegan version of your favorite classic dish to dinner, or you get assigned to the kids’ table (again!). Whenever one of these things occurs, give yourself a check. If you fill up the whole board, make sure to rub your success in your siblings’ mashed potato-covered faces, then reward yourself with an extra piece of pumpkin pie (as if you needed an excuse). You can download the game board here. Until you kick butt at BABE Bingo, enjoy these GIFs that capture the essence of all kinds of Thanksgiving gatherings.

Photo: Creatas (Getty Images)

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