Party Like the 99 Percent: The PBR 99-Pack Is Here to Keep the Party Going Until 2020

Throwing holiday parties can be a lot of fun…until you reach your hand into the cooler for an ice-cold beer and find only icy water. Nothing ruins your party high more than having to run to the corner store to buy more booze. Well, thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon, that horrifying scenario will never play out again. That’s because the iconic brand just launched a 99-pack of beer.

Photo: Pabst

Photo: Pabst

That’s right, 99 cans of the majestic, fizzy, refreshing brew, perfect for beer pong, flip cup, sipping, or just for looking at and reminiscing about days gone by with your pals. The best part is that the pack isn’t just 99 PBRs. It’s a mix of classic PBR, PBR Extra, and PBR Easy. So your nights will be classic, extra, and very easy. But this beer fest won’t last forever. The Pabst 99-pack is only available in limited quantities in 15 states. Get it while you can and avoid the dreaded beer run.

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

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