Woman Lives to 108 Because She Drinks Champagne, She Thinks (But Can’t Remember)

It’s been said an extra glass of wine will take 30 minutes off your life. To which we respond: We much more prefer the 30 minutes when we’re drinking wine than the 30 that we’re not.

It’s no secret we all quietly hope our indulgence to numerous vices (OK, all of them) will pay off and somehow lead to a longer life, knowing full it won’t. But on rare occasions, some of us do get to taste the sweet victory. Take Dorothy Flowers, for example. This British unicorn credits a daily flute of champagne for her longevity. Not positive thoughts. Not sex on every first date. Not cutting out bread (of course, gluten wasn’t a problem until millennials ruined it). The bubbly, and that is all. Flowers recently celebrated her 108th birthday (mazel tov, Dorothy) and, to no one’s surprise, she toasted with a bottle of Moet branded bubbly. Way to treat yourself, Dorothy (you can’t be cheap at this point).

This got us thinking what other vices might propel us past the century mark. Below are some of our favorite vices (and some of our favorite people who enthusiastically enjoy them). We’re not saying you should go out right now and drink, smoke, snort and screw everything you see. No, you wait until your birthday for that. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we believe there’s a flute somewhere with our name on it. Party responsibly.

Photo: grinvalds (Getty Images)

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