Bubbly Blaster Invented a Super Soaker for ‘Adults’ (And It Sprays Champagne!)

Photo: Courtesy of Bubble Blaster

Screw this winter, right? Where’s the fun, sun, and Champagne?

To quote Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: “It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be gray, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.” At least, it seems that way in dreary mid-February, but summer will be here before you know it. For us, that means beach, embarrassing sunburns and, of course, Champagne guns. You heard us. Champagne guns.

Bubbly Blaster is selling water guns that don’t shoot high-quality H20, oh no, they’re designed to shoot Champagne. Obviously, the most fun part about opening a bottle of Champagne is spraying suds everywhere, right? Like winning the World Series without ever having to run. Well, now you can do so with better aim.


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You can preorder the Rosé Gold Bubbly Blaster for a quick $99, The “adult” Super Soaker attaches to a bottle of your favorite Champagne, turning it into a “long-lasting champers cannon.” While we believe that wasting great Champagne should be a punishable crime, we do love the idea of spraying things, in general, because that’s what guys do.

Check out our choices for the best Champagnes to drink, but if you’re planning to spray them at people, maybe buy a cheap bottle for that and save the good stuff for yourself. And when they’re lying, drenched, helpless on the ground, tell ’em Mandatory sent you.

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