Mimosa of Beers: Miller High Life Crashes Your Brunch With New Drink

We all know Miller High Life as the “Champagne of Beers.” The phrase is so entrenched in the brand that Miller High Life even launches Champagne-size bottles (and magnum bottles) for the holidays every year. Who wouldn’t rather take slugs off of a giant bottle of High Life instead of the usual sparkling wine? If you wanted to enjoy High Life morning, noon, and night, you probably could. But, if you wanted to use the “Champagne of beers” to make your brunch mimosa you might not be thrilled with the outcome. That is, until now.

That’s because Miller High Life just collaborated with Philadelphia’s Evil Genius Brewing Company to create a beer called Brunch So Hard that they’d dubbed “The Mimosa of Beers.” A mimosa, for the un-brunch crowd, is a breakfast cocktail made with champagne and orange juice. It’s simple, refreshing, highly crushable, sometimes bottomless, and usually ends with a mid-afternoon nap.

This mango orange hazy IPA was brewed using actual fruit, pale malts, Citra, Mosiac, Azzaca, Hallertau Blanc hops, along with Miller High Life’s signature Galena bittering hops. It’s 6.5 percent ABV and tastes like juicy, boozy breakfast in a glass. It pairs perfectly with omelets, bacon, and toast at noon and good times with your brunch friends.

This isn’t the first time Miller High Life has collaborated with craft brewers. It worked with Chicago’s Off Color Brewing to make a wild beer called Eeek! It also collaborated with Athens, Georgia’s Terrapin Brewing to make a brut IPA called Hoppin’ Bubbly.

Brunch So Hard is available for a limited time at retailers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware as well as at the taproom at Evil Genius for $10.99 per 4-pack.

Photo: Evil Genius

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