Does Your Beer Taste Bad? Miller Lite Has Drops That Will Probably Make It Worse

Photo: Miller Lite

We love beer. Stouts, porters, bitter IPAs, fruited sours, we enjoy them al. But sometimes we don’t want a heavy, calorie-laden beer. You know, the kind of beer you can crush on a hot day after mowing your lawn. Specifically, a light beer. But, while we love to throw back a few light beers, our biggest problem with them is on overall lack of flavor. That’s because, instead of tasting like beer, the “light” in light beer usually means the bottle or can contains a beer the more resembles yellow, fizzy water than a classic beer. If only there was a way to add more flavor while keeping everything else about light beers.

Thanks to the folks at Miller there is. That’s because, Miller Lite is now offering what they’re calling “Beer Drops” that you can add to your flavorless, fizzy water to make it taste more like Miller Lite (if that’s your idea of a good beer flavor).

Literally all you do is add a few drops like you might add a flavor enhancer to water (because that’s ostensibly what you’re doing). It’s described as “liquid taste enhancer that adds more beer taste to other light beers.” So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you buy some Beer Drops at Miller Lite’s online shop for only $4.07 (in honor of National Beer Day) while supplies last. Or, you could just drink a more flavorful beer and avoid all of this nonsense.


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