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Miller Lite-Infused Charcoal Brings Boozy BBQs to a Whole New Level

Photo: Miller Lite

Grilling season is officially in full swing. If you’re anything like us, this isn’t news. What you might not know is that there are two distinct types of grillers: those who use gas and those who cook with charcoal. While gas is simple and easy, there’s something extra special about the smoky, charred flavor that comes with charcoal. It’s much more work, but well worth it. Since we’re in the latter group, we were pretty excited to find that Miller Lite is now selling beer-infused charcoal. Thus, finally combining our two favorite summer things: beer and grilling.

It’s simply called Miller Lite Beercoal. And yes, it’s real beer. It starts with highly concentrated Miller Lite beer that’s used to coat charcoal. You use it the same way you’d use any charcoal. Dump it into your barbecue and light it or put it in a charcoal chimney with paper and start the process that way. Simple, easy, and beer-infused. Supposedly, they even smell a little like beer and give your food a slightly smoky, Miller Lite flavor.

“Summer is all about outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, which means plenty of Miller Time,” Anne Pando, director of marketing for the brand, said in a press release. “Summer is also beer season, and as a light beer known for great taste, it only made sense to pair Miller Lite with the distinct and beloved flavor grilling offers. We see Miller Lite Beercoal as the perfect way to kick off a season-long celebration of beer, grilling, and hanging out with friends and family.”

If it’s not sold out again, you can grab four-pound bags of Miller Lite Beercoal at for $11.99 plus shipping. We suggest pairing it with your favorite crisp, light lager, whatever that might be.