traeger ironwood pellet grill

The Dog Days of Summer Require the Perfect Barbecue (Introducing Your New Best Friend, Traeger Ironwood)

You know that sickening feeling where if you shove one more hot dog down your gullet, you’re going to scream. No, my good man, it’s the dog days of summer, high time for something tastier — the ultimate grilling sensation. And you can’t have it without Traeger Ironwood.

Regular barbecuesonists who rely too much on gas grills often fail at getting charcoals hot enough to cook food thoroughly on a barbecue (or they find themselves in the ER) before giving up and going back to propane. But gas grills simply don’t produce the same flavor.

If you’re tired of flavorless charred dinners or undercooked subpar meats, we’ll give you a much-needed hand with the smoking, no judgment. While entry-levels smokers require constant attention to get anywhere near cooking precision, the Traeger Ironwood Series Pellet Grill will do all the work for you while you sit back and enjoy a cold one with the game on.

High-Standard Hardwood, All-Natural

Over the years, what has gone into our food has become incredibly debated over. So why shouldn’t what we cook our food on also be of grave importance? Genuine Traeger pellets are made in the USA to the highest standards, 100 percent all-natural, and can infuse various flavors into your food, much like pairing a good whiskey to a steak or a fine wine to a fish.

There are more than 13 different types of clean, burning pellets, ranging from fruitwood to summer shandy. We recommend the Apple BBQ and hickory chip for the tastiest finish.

Inside the Epic Hopper

Pellets go into the unique Traeger hopper system that holds up to 20 pounds for an entire day of low and slow smoking. The hopper burns pellets slowly for fuel, preventing unwanted flare-ups and keeping meats from getting overly charred or burnt. The hopper also has an easy-access door for fast and failure-free clean-out. If you’re like us, you love easy access in the right places (where it’s appropriate, wink).

Unlike other grills, the combination of the indirect heat hopper system and the Traeger Ironwood’s barrel-like design creates a “vortex of convection.” And that sounds just like it tastes: epic. The heating system offers users the versatility of grilling, smoking, keeping food warm, and even baking food. Bottom grates drop down for a killer sear, or the top grill can come out for beer can chicken or the Thanksgiving turkey.

High-Tech Specs

The Traeger Ironwood is also on wheels to make it easier to move. The only challenge here is that the built-in controls and hopper system require an electrical outlet to operate. And you also want to be close to Wifi to take advantage of the integrated WiFire technology.

Applewood smoke can be enhanced with an app from the Apple or Android smartphones. Perfect cooking temperature and timing can be downloaded right to the digital dashboard for pit master-like results. Thousands more can be synced directly to the grill itself from the included free app.

Up in Smoke

The Traeger cooking system and natural hardwood pellets infuse any food with a delicious, smoky flavor that typically takes years of experience with a traditional smoker to achieve. The ‘set it and forget it’ simplicity after the initial setup and seasoning can’t be beaten for those that would rather chill than grill (but appreciate a good barbecue like us).

Remove Grease in Peace

Cutting through the crap, we’ll agree that gutting a grill each season or occasionally between cooking can be nasty. Grease and goop are caked on all over, and unless the grill is designed with the user in-mind, changing grease traps can be as risky. But not with Traeger. A simple bucket system for fast grease changes is something NASCAR could take a nod from. You’ll thank us.

Wait For It…

All reviews must come to an end (although we could keep on stuffing our faces ad nauseam), but we’re starting to get the meat sweats over here.

Still, there’s so much great stuff left to be said about the Traeger Ironwood Series Pellet Grill. From the built-in meat probe and several accessories like covers, shelves to its three-year warranty (good luck getting that elsewhere), you’ll find a company that stands by its grill as much as you’ll want to.

Until next time, happy grilling. Stay safe and start smoking.