Ranked! The 8 Best Meats to Barbecue

Summer is just around the corner…and after the Covid winter we’ve just suffered through, we are so ready to attack it – hard. What better way to celebrate the warmest season of the year than getting outside, firing up the grill, and cooking up way more meat than you could – or should – eat in one sitting?

When those glorious warm days finally arrive, we won’t waste them consuming plant-based anything. We want all the poultry, fish, and beef we can stomach. That’s why we’ve rounded up the eight best meats to grill this summer. Each brings something to the (picnic) table, whether it’s affordability, ease of cooking, health benefits, or incredible flavor. Put your apron on, get your condiments in order, prep your side dishes, and bring on the meat sweats!

Cover Photo: Jelena Danilovic (Getty Images)

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