Drunkenly Building Gingerbread Dive Bar Recreation at the Top of Our Holiday To-Do List

Photo: Miller High Life

If you’re someone who is into festive, holiday activities, there’s a good chance you’ve made a gingerbread house at some point in your life. Maybe it was when you were a kid or perhaps you just made one last weekend because you love the holidays that much. Either way, you probably made one using the basic gingerbread template we all know. A few walls and a roof made from gingerbread adorned with frosting, gumdrops, and various other candies. That’s about it. Well, the folks at Miller High Life have decided to change up this tired, boring image for a contemporary age.

The well-known beer you likely imbibed at a dive bar is staying true to its roots and selling “Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits”. If you didn’t catch that, instead of the usual gingerbread house, you can now make a dive bar made of the iconic spiced, brown cookies.

Photo: Miller High Life

Every kit comes with everything you need to make a gingerbread-based dive bar. It starts with gingerbread walls that are infused with Miller High Life beer. The kit also includes a dollhouse size select-o-matic jukebox, miniature Miller High Life wall art and neon signs made from sugar, an edible pool table with pretzel stick pool cues, and candy balls that even sits below working lights, and an outdoor pergola. It even comes with a branded bar floor and maple syrup packets to create the classic sticky floor that dive bar denizens are used to.

If this seems like the gingerbread house you need this year, you can purchase it at shop.millerhighlife.com/products/gingerbread-kit beginning December 6 for $50 while supplies last.