Pretend You’re Classy This Holiday Season With This Beer In A Champagne Bottle

Photo:  Todor Tsvetkov (Getty Images)

The holidays are coming up fast. That means we are close to being surrounded by friends and family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and every other wintry event. There are parties every weekend and you can’t show up empty-handed. You could bring a bottle of wine, but there’s nothing really exciting there. You can bring a six-pack of craft beer, but the partygoers might not like the beer you selected. Then there’s champagne. You almost can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly, though champagne has a certain level of fanciness that might not work for a low-key party.

What is a party guest to do? Well, Miller High Life has an idea. The “champagne of beer” brand is once again releasing a champagne bottle-sized beer for your holiday indulging.

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Miller’s 750-milliliter champagne-sized bottles are now available for your drinking pleasure. While even a modestly-priced bottle of champagne will set you back $20 or more dollars, this classic beer in a festive bottle can be yours for the low, low price of $3.49. That’s probably less than you were planning to spend at Taco Bell for two chalupas. Also, can two chalupas give you this much pleasure and incite this much holiday cheer? We highly doubt it.

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This year, if you really want to be a winter baller, get your hands on a bottle (or three) of the fancy man’s easy drinking backyard brew. Miller’s champagne bottle first hit store shelves in 2016 in Chicago and flew off the shelves. This was like Furby-level enthusiasm. (Furby is still a thing, right?)  You better act fast because these won’t be available for very long.