Happy Brew Year: NYE Alternatives If You Can’t Stand Champagne Bubbles

Like pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, and fruitcake on Christmas, New Year’s Eve is forever linked with the fizzy, sparkling wine known as Champagne. As we await the ball drop (and hopefully a kiss from that special someone), we hoist a glass of the bubbly stuff. It’s just what we do. It doesn’t matter whether or not you actually like Champagne. When the calendar turns to another year, you drink it and that’s that. It’s tradition. But we all know traditions are meant to be broken and that’s why, this year, instead of sparkling wine, we’re going to be drinking beer. And sure, during the evening, we’ll grab a lager or pale ale to sip as we munch on cocktail weenies and chicken wings. But, as the clock strikes midnight, instead of Champagne, we’re going to hold up one of these beers instead.

Photo: svetikd (Getty Images)

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