Y2K20: Stock Up on These Non-Perishable Eats Before the Decade Ends

We are on the cusp of 2020, also known as Y2K20. Remember all the panic surrounding Y2K? People feared the stock market would collapse, calendars would explode, and Furbies would rain down upon the unsuspecting masses. But then the ball dropped in Times Square and the new millennium began and…nothing happened. Jan. 1, 2000, was just another day. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be so lucky at the end of this year. Before you hunker down in your nuclear-grade bomb shelter, make sure you stock up on apocalypse foods and drinks that (mostly) never go bad. Pack your pantry with these staples, download all the Netflix movies you can before the internet turns off forever, and prepare yourself for a neverending game of monopoly with your grandma.

Photo: Henrik Sorensen (Getty Images)

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