The Mandatory Quarantine Hack Guide to Stocking Your Pantry and Fridge (So You Don’t Have to Go Out Every Other Day)

When panic set in about the coronavirus outbreak, you probably rushed to your neighborhood grocery store and snatched up all the toilet paper, paper towels, meat, canned goods, and frozen pizzas your little hands could hold. You probably thought you bought enough to last you a few weeks at least. But, a week of “self-isolation” has yielded some poor results in the food preservation department. There’s just something about binging The Office that makes you want to snack on everything in your cupboard from pizza logs to pretzels. Even the one-pound can of mixed nuts stood no chance against your boredom eating.

Obviously, you’re not about to venture into this contaminated world. You’re probably going to use Door Dash, Instacart, or some other delivery service to restock your doomsday kit. But, this time, you definitely need to be smarter about your choices. This might seem like a ridiculous task because when you look at the Instacart app, all you want to do is order a dozen buckets of cheese balls. But, with our help, you can actually stock your pantry and fridge without fear of it being depleted in two days.

Photo: Sean Malyon (Getty Images)

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