20 Ways to Recreate the Vibe of Your Favorite Bar at Home

Ahh, bars. Remember bars? They were fun. Crowded and expensive, but fun. If you’re still waiting for your favorite pub or cocktail bar to reopen or if you’re still avoiding any place that might be (as noted) crowded, check out these 20 awesome ways to bring the vibe home.

The Complete Wine, Home Brew & Mixology Bundle

Chilling at home with a beer or a glass of wine (or a bottle) is great, but you look a lot cooler when you know how to pair different kinds of wines with food, and you get extra cool points when you know how to make beer from scratch. This bundle has 4 courses to show you how to become this hip, and if you want to know everything about whiskey there’s something in here for you too. There’s even a whole bartending course, so you can learn to fix yourself an endless supply of your favorite cocktails.

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$50 to Saucey Liquor Delivery

Who doesn’t love a great bottle of liquor at a great discount? Saucey isn’t just giving you the finest selection of drinks at 30% off, they’ll also do your beer run and deliver everything you need right to your doorstep. They’ll even throw in some snacks. All you have to do is create a Saucey account and you’ll get a digital voucher code for $50.

Buy now: Get the Saucey voucher for $34.99, and get $50 worth of drinks

1L Lab-Grade Wine & Spirits Decanter

It’s fun to slug booze right out of the bottle, but if you’re trying to be a more refined drinker, using a decanter will bring out the flavors and aromas in your wine and whiskey and give you a more enjoyable experience. And if your decanter looks as good as this one from Ethan & Ashe, it can double as an art piece. The 1 liter decanter is made from borosilicate glass with an airtight, polished stainless steel top that makes the beverage smoother and better-tasting with every pour.

Buy now: Get the Ethan & Ashe decanter for $30.99, or 18% off the retail price of $38

INFUSE: Tequila & Mezcal Infusion Kit

A mezcal tasting cup is a small cup made from the bark of the jicara fruit. But with INFUSE, the wide mouth of these 4 jicara cups allows the alcohol to evaporate, leaving room for the full expression of the mezcal. It also comes with a wide-top decanter that makes it super easy to add infusion ingredients.

Buy now: Get the INFUSE Kit for $78.99, or 19% off the retail price of $98

WAKE UP WINE Electronic Decanter

OK, so we said decanting is great, but there’s just one small hitch: It takes a lot of time. With an electronic decanter like the WAKE UP WINE Pro S, you can get your wine tasting better in just a few minutes. As Jörn Kleinhans, Certified Sommelier & Wine Judge says, “You’re waking up the wine but you’re also intensifying the desirable flavors and enjoying it the way the winemaker intended.” You don’t even need to sit around just salivating while your wine decants, as this device has Bluetooth 3D speakers that let you play music with a 360-degree reach for up to 8 hours.

Buy now: Get the WAKE UP WINE Pro S Decanter for $149.99, or 49% off the retail price of $299

Cure Hydration Mix: 14 Pack

Getting a little wasted with your friends is fun sometimes, but waking up with a hangover never ever is. The best way to avoid it is by staying hydrated, and this Hydration Mix keeps you prepared for a night of some serious drinking. It’s made from organic ingredients, has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and hydrates 2–3 times faster than just water. Cure is also perfect for fitness buffs and frequent travelers.

Buy now: Get the Cure Hydration Mix with 14 packs for $15.95, or 20% off the retail price of $20

10-Piece Mini Cocktail Bar Set

When you learn to make cocktails, you can perfect your skills by using the right tools, like the ones in this Mini Cocktail Bar Set from La Lucia. The set includes a cocktail shaker, 2 bottle stoppers, 2 conical stoppers, a measuring cup, cocktail muddler, bar strainer, cocktail spoon, ice clip, and bamboo holder. Doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur bartender or a pro mixologist, this set has everything you need to whip up a cocktail, mocktail, or even iced coffee without making a mess of the drink or your kitchen.

Buy now: Get the 10-Piece Mini Cocktail Bar Set for $65, or 13% off the retail price of $75

CaliFino Blanco 100% Ultra Premium Blue Weber Agave Tequila

Stay away from cheap tequila that burns with every shot and go for a purely un-aged bottle of Blue Weber agave tequila from CaliFino Blanco. This liquor is sourced from the highlands of Arandas, Mexico, and is infused with sweet hints of vanilla and lime, with a smooth, full-body agave finish. You can enjoy the CaliFino Blanco as a shot, mixed in your favorite drink, or on the rocks.

Buy now: Get the CaliFino Blanco Agave Tequila for $32.99, or 5% off the retail price of $35

Wine Squirrel Sealing Decanter

With Wine Squirrel, you can store your wine inside a high-quality crystal decanter with an airtight seal that keeps it fresh for weeks after you open the bottle. Just pour your wine into the decanter, insert the seal, and store in a cool place until you’re ready for another glass. You can even store it in your fridge horizontally, without worrying about spills—that’s how tight the seal is.

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Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit

If you can’t make it to Oktoberfest this year, you can celebrate at home in your own way. The Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit contains the tools you need to brew your own Oktoberfest beer. There’s a guide included, and if you follow each step, you’ll get the perfect brew to transport you right to Munich.

Buy now: Get the Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit for $45.95

Lab Series Bundle

Here’s another one from Ethan & Ashe: A bundle that includes a lab decanter to keep your wine fresh while looking super cool on your kitchen counter, a lab jigger that features 2-ounce measurements and a double-sided design that flips upside down for quick half-ounce measurements, and a mixing beaker with easy-to-read measurements in millimeters and ounces, so you can make cocktails that contain more than just 99% liquor.

Buy now: Get the Lab Series Bundle for $62.99, or 19% off the retail price of $78

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles

Winc doesn’t just create and curate delicious bottles of wine, they also give you amazing discounts for them. This coupon gives you 40% off the price of 12 bottles of wine. All you need to do is take a Palate Profile Quiz, and you’ll get custom-matched wines delivered to your door. As Huffington Post wrote, each bottle is labeled with unique art that you’ll want to display, even after every drop is consumed. One buyer, David, says his Winc delivery came at a great price and had good quality, an easy ordering process, and fast shipping. That’s exactly what you want from a wine club.

Buy now: Get the Winc Delivery coupon for $93.99 and get a 39% discount on up to 12 bottles

Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser

You know the wine dispenser, but how about an electric dispenser that doubles as an aerator? The Vita Saggia brings your wine to life by infusing air into it while it dispenses, bringing out the subtle flavors with every sip. It keeps wine fresh for longer, thanks to the airtight rubber seal, and it cleans itself with just the push of a button. Sounds like a win-win.

Buy now: Get the Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser for $59.99, or 25% off the retail price of $79

Eravino 100% Mouth Blown Crystal Decanter

Decant your 750ml bottle of wine with the uniquely designed Eravino. It lets you pour out your wine smoothly, without leaving any spills, and it’s handmade with 100% lead-free crystal glass that provides a brilliant, colorless finish, allowing the true color of the wine to be fully appreciated. From function to aesthetic, this decanter certainly does the job.

Buy now: Get the Eravino 100% Mouth Blown Crystal Decanter for $29.99, or 57% off the retail price of $69

Vagnbys Light Carafe

Take your in-house dinner dates to bright heights with this light carafe from Vagnbys. It has a soft-glowing LED bulb nested in the base of the vessel to light up your space, and it has non-drip pour, an ice filter, and an airtight stopper. The carafe is made from frosted glass that makes a perfect addition to your wine storage section.

Buy now: Get the Vagnbys Light Carafe for $47.99, or 20% off the retail price of $60

Artisan Citrus Juicer

You might not want to use a hand-operated juicer, but when you get one that extracts every drop of juice without ruining it with bits of seed and pulp, while being easy on the hands, you’ll know it’s too good not to add to your cocktail-making routine. This simple, beautiful tool will make all the difference in your adult (or otherwise) beverages.

Buy now: Get the Artisan Citrus Juicer for $81, or 10% off the retail price of $90

Alkemista Bar Bundle

Here’s the perfect gift for your whiskey-loving pal. The Alkemista bar bundle from Ethan & Ashe contains the most popular infusion blends, assembled for a quick and easy introduction to infusing your spirits at home. The flavors include Black Denim, a smoky blend of clove, vanilla, and spice; House Bitters, a classic bitters blend of roots, barks, spices, and sweet earth notes; and Orange Ginger, an invigorating blend of citrus, ginger, and sweet earth notes.

Buy now: Get the Alkemista Bar Bundle for $79.99, or 20% off the retail price of $100

4-Piece French Cocktail Shaker Set

The new Bartender’s Choice set from the Elan Collective is an homage to the French Shaker. The French shaker creates your fave mixes while keeping them cold, the Hawthorne strainer filters out the pulp and seed bits from your cocktails, the Japanese jigger measures your drinks, and the set includes a recipe card that will show you how to create your own happy hour at home.

Buy now: Get the 4-Piece French Cocktail Shaker Set for $33.99, or 19% off the retail price of $41

Cantaritos Cocktail Kit

Get the Mexican summer you never had with the Cantaritos Cocktail Kit. It includes two terra-cotta clay cups, a hand juicer, paper straws, and chili salt. The clay Cantaritos cups are traditionally meant to be refilled during the night at street fairs but are mostly disposable. For a twist, this kit has cups that are finished with a special glaze to reinforce them, and they keep your drinks cool with zero ice.

Buy now: Get the Cantaritos Cocktail Kit for $31.99, or 8% off the retail price of $35

50% Off World Wine Tour Collection

The Global Wine Tour Collection includes up to 16 different premium international wines from vineyards across the world. You’ll receive wines from countries such as Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, France, California, Australia, and more. This deal will even give you a 50% discount on up to 12 different grape varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and more. Get this deal and score a 50% discount on 18 750ml bottles of premium wines shipped to your door in one box. Thomas, one buyer who’s happy about his order, says, “I liked the variety and geographical mix of the wines. Some of the wines I am sure I would never see locally.” True that.

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