The 10 Best Beers For Your Dad Bod This Father’s Day

We all know what a “dad bod” is even if we aren’t completely sure what the actual definition is. It’s a “you know it when you see it” situation. Simply put, it’s the body type that makes you look like a dad (even if you don’t actually have any kids). It’s not skinny, but it’s also not fat. It’s a slim, slightly muscular look with a bit of a pooch (also known as a beer belly). It’s very common in middle-aged men. No matter how much we work out and how diligent we are with our diet, we’re all going to get there eventually and there’s one reason why: beer. Even if we eat dry, flavorless salads (who’s going to do that?) for the rest of our lives, we can’t stop drinking pale ales, wheat beers, and hazy IPAs.

So, in honor of Father’s Day on June 21, we decided to make a list of the 10 best beers for your dad bod. Maybe you already have one and you’re just planning to pack on a few more pounds. Or, you’re just settling into the inevitable. Either way, you’re going to get there with a nice beer buzz.

Photo: Burak Karademir (Getty Images)

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