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Dom Pérignon Releases Lady Gaga Limited Edition Champagne Bottles (Pairs Perfectly With Chromatica Oreos)

It seems as if every celebrity is attached to a snack these days. The Rock has his own ice cream. Mariah Carey has a signature cookie line. Gaten Matarazzo hawks Nerds Gummy Clusters. It seems that sweets and celebs go together like quarantine and overeating. But Lady Gaga is elevating the celebrity food space with her latest collab.

The pop star has joined forces with Dom Pérignon for a limited-edition Champagne. She teased the partnership on Instagram with an image of herself holding a pinkish-purple bottle of a 2006 vintage sparkling rosé. (No word on what her bottle will look like.)


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“I am very excited to announce my collaboration with @domperignonofficial!” she wrote in the post. “Dom Pérignon and I are both driven by the need for creative freedom and we’re excited to share the Queendom with you.”

The Grammy award-winning artist also teased a film (or as she calls it, “an artistic universe”) created with Nick Knight, which drops April 6.

How all these things tie together we aren’t sure, but our best guess is we’ll soon be popping a bottle of Gaga’s Champagne, sipping it in between bites of her hot-pink Chromatica Oreos, and watching whatever this soon-to-be-released mystery project is. We can’t say we always like Lady Gaga’s endeavors, but she certainly knows how to get our attention.

Cover Photo: Dom Pérignon

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