Jessica Walter

RIP Jessica Walter: The Best ‘Arrested Development’ GIFs and Memes in Memory of Lucille Bluth

Hollywood has lost another hilarious icon. Jessica Walter, the acclaimed actress best known for her role as Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development, passed away in her sleep on Wednesday at the age of 80. The character of an alcohol-swilling, suggestively-winking matriarch with a razor-sharp tongue really showed off Walter’s comedic chops and turned her into a “meme queen” among the show’s fans.

But the popular series wasn’t her only claim to fame – not by a long shot. Walter appeared in everything from Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut Play Misty for Me to police procedural Amy Prentiss to rom-com The Flamingo Kid. Her career spanned five decades and garnered her an Emmy and a Golden Globe, among many other award nominations.

In honor of this versatile and entertaining performer, we’ve rounded up the best GIFs and memes from Walter’s turn on Arrested Development. Scroll through ‘em while sipping a very strong martini in her honor.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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