Prince of Pot: 7 Things That Set Seth Rogen’s Weed Brand Apart From the Competition

Mary Jane is getting a makeover. Thanks to successful celebrities like Lake Bell, Jay-Z, and John Legend, getting in on the weed game (erm…as well as Mike Tyson) cannabis culture has shifted away from the stigma of lazy, long-haired, couch-surfing dudes with sticky fingers toward hardworking, business-savvy, productive (and showered) members of society. But with competition among celebrity captains of cannabis as fierce as ever, no one is doing it quite like pot-legend and occasional moviemaker, Seth Rogen.

Houseplant, the new weed brand from everyone’s favorite sausage partier, launched this month with an approach that is as laid back and fun as the style of its founder. Combining two of his artisanal passions (pottery and pot) Rogen delivers a custom line of home goods and head goodies that are guaranteed to lift your spirits while you’re “working” from home.

The idea began ten years ago with a classically Rogenesque epiphany. As the smoke cleared from another bong rip, the man realized he’d accidentally started a new strain of ganja after the popularity of his stoner flick Pineapple Express resonated with pot growers. Much to his chagrin, the movers and shakers of bud had found an unlikely hero.

Putting the realization in his back pocket, Rogen continued making stoner flicks while getting high all day every day and watched the conversation around cannabis slowly transform. As people began to question the war on drugs, one by one, states began rolling back Draconian drug laws that didn’t comport with modern sensibilities. Stoners, at last, could step out of the shadows.

Now, it’s high time America began taking potheads seriously. With the weed industry poised to dominate the recreational vice market, there’s no better candidate to lounge upon the crystally throne of THC than the prince of pot himself.

Rogen aims to raise weed to the same status as wine and books of French poetry, giving weed-lovers permission to put their love on prominent display within the homestead. It’s but one sign of the unique and grounded mentality Rogen is bringing to the future of weed commercialization. Here are seven other things that set Houseplant apart from the competition.

Cover Photo: Houseplant

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