RANKED! Classic Stoner Movies For 420’s Golden Birthday

The year 2020 seemed set to be one of special significance for lovers of Mary Jane (i.e. cannabis). This is because the date of the international stoner holiday will read 4/20/2020. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is harshing everyone’s mellow. It caused the cancellation of public celebrations for 420‘s golden birthday. From Amsterdam to Oakland, potheads issued a collective “not cool man.”

However, stoners are a resourceful bunch. I mean, have you ever seen one turn an apple into a bong in less than 10 seconds? We sure have, and it gave a whole new meaning to “green delicious.” Just because you can’t party in the park doesn’t mean you can’t honor the green goddess. We suggest a marathon of the best stoner movies to celebrate this mathematically momentous stoner date. Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite flicks about cannabis smokers. Obviously, it’s a bring-your-own-bud affair.

Cover Photo: Polygram Filmed Entertainment

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