The Second Oldest Person in the World Celebrates Her Birthday With Champagne, Port, and Lots of Memories From Before Social Media Ruined Everything


Sister Andre was born Lucile Randon in 1904. The French nun survived COVID-19 and there’s a pretty good chance she’s the oldest person in Europe and likely the second oldest person in the entire world. If math isn’t your thing, she just celebrated her 117 birthday. Yes, you read that right, 117 years old. To celebrate, the nun who lives at the St. Catherine Laboure nursing home in Toulon, sipped champagne, red wine, and port. Like many timeless drinkers before her, Sister Andre has become the new face of boozing into longevity.

Last month, 81 of the 88 residents at her nursing home got COVID-19, this includes Sister Andre. 11 of these residents died, but the 117-year-old somehow survived. While she did have the virus, her symptons were actually quite mild compared to some of her fellow residents.

Unlike other 100-plus-year-olds, Sister Andre doesn’t finish her day with a glass of Scotch, can of Miller High Life, or a pound of bacon and claim that it’s the secret to a long life. But she does know how to do it up right on her birthday and if she does this every year, maybe we all ought to give it a try.

Obviously, after surviving the pandemic, her birthday last week was met with even more fanfare than usual. She started her birthday lunch with some foie gras and some port wine. She followed that with some capon with mushrooms paired with red wine. She finished the meal with baked Alaska and champagne. That’s what we call a decadent. We can only imagine what she eat and drink to celebrate 118.

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