Jon Stewart Finally Joins Twitter, Immediately Disqualifies Himself to Be President After Attacking Arby’s

Armed with nothing but a photo of his dog and acerbic wit, Jon Stewart has finally emerged from his woodland hideout to enter the hallowed halls of the Twitter-verse. On Jan. 28, the former host of The Daily Show was spotted on Twitter taking sides in the unfolding saga of the Game Stop revolution. But he didn’t stop there. Less than 48 hours after taking shots at hedge funders, the poet laureate of the animal kingdom managed to make a bid for POTUS, then quickly dash it by reminding everyone of his beef with Arby’s. Despite attacking the king of cold cuts during his first hours on Twitter, Stewart quickly amassed one million followers.

After transforming The Daily Show into mandatory viewing during his 15-year reign, Stewart suddenly retired in the midst of the 2016 presidential election, leaving sanity-strapped Americans hanging during the Trump presidency. Now, after nearly five years of laying low on his farm in suburban New Jersey, the legendary comedian has suddenly returned to the arena of public discourse.

Certainly, a lot has changed since those innocent days of yore. Will the silver-foxed satirist be able to keep up with the latest culture of alternative facts and spandex dance challenges? (If you’re not picturing Stewart in spandex, please do so now.)

As the country reels from four years of conspiracy-bating, racism-tolerating, quarantine-fatiguing fun-times, we hope Jon Stewart’s return to the conversation will help guide us back toward normalcy. If it doesn’t, at the very least, it will fuel our fantasy of a Daily Show double team as we (stuck in the real world) double mask before leaving the house to, once again, be greeted by the paranoid stares and awkward waves of our neighbors. Welcome back, Jon.

Cover Photo: Paul Morigi (Getty Images)

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